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Hollywood Private Hospital leads with first operational angiography suite in Australia

2 July 2010

Australia’s first and only fully operational Siemens Artis Zeego angiography suite has been launched at Hollywood Private Hospital in Nedlands, and is providing unrivalled cutting-edge medical technology offering increased efficiency and safety to both doctors and patients. 

The expansion and substantial refurbishment of existing facilities brings the number of angiography rooms at Hollywood to three. The $6.1 million new suite includes the installation of a multi-axis cardiovascular imaging system, the first operational system of its kind in an angiography suite in Australia and New Zealand.

Since its launch in mid-June 2010, Hollywood’s new angiography suite has already benefited over 60 patients, including patients undergoing endoluminal aortic grafts as well as cardiology procedures. Both medical teams and patients are experiencing the benefits of the new facility in terms of speed, safety, efficiency and patient comfort according to Kevin Cass-Ryall, Executive Director of Hollywood Private Hospital. 

“Patients will benefit from this system as doctors will be able to perform procedures with far more speed and safety. The software used within the system enables doctors to accurately map where they are going inside the patient’s vessels and results in quicker decision making. It offers radiation-free positioning, more flexibility and mobility and offers the patients and the  doctors far more comfort during the procedure,” Kevin Cass-Ryall said.

The new suite offers benefits to many specialists, and now extends to servicing specific needs of cardiologists, electrophysiologists, radiologists, nuclear medicine practitioners, pain specialists and, of course, vascular surgeons.

Some of the key features of the Siemens Artis Zeego machine include:

  • Radiation-free positioning of the systems – this is a unique feature which reduces the radiation to our patients and staff considerably.
  • Full patient coverage – the motorised arm has the ability to reach out for full head-to-toe imaging.
  • A 56” medical grade screen with 8 mega pixel resolution, four times greater than your full HD television at home. This allows for easy image viewing down to the finest detail.
  • 21 separate image inputs can be configured to integrate all imaging sources into one display, making it easier for the operator to perform the procedure. This eliminates the use of multiple screens that take up space in the interventional suite and provide all important information directly where required.
  • An even greater degree of positional flexibility as it is not limited to running along a ceiling track, like ceiling mounted systems.
  • Wireless footswitch.
  • The Tempura table top mattress is heat regulated and moulds to the patient’s body to provide a degree of immobilization, is heated and is more comfortable than traditional operating mattresses.
  • Adjustable working height reduces operator fatigue whilst maintaining sharp focus and superior imaging quality.

Each of the suites has 3D imaging capabilities, to remain at the forefront of technological advances, and all labs are being equipped with Siemens CCTV integration which will be used for conferencing and teaching purposes.

In addition to doctors and patients, the environment will also benefit from the angiography suite. As part of Hollywood’s commitment to the environment the new suites will also allow for streamlining of existing processes to offer a paperless environment in the future.

“Both cardiology and vascular operators have experienced great benefit from the flexibility of the Zeego. We are all excited about having the latest technology in Western Australia and, beyond its primary purpose of treating patients, we are very excited at the training potential that this suite will offer the WA medical industry,” Kevin Cass-Ryall said.

Doctors using Siemens Artis Zeego angiography suite

Siemens Artis Zeego angiography suite

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